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PowerGrit Saw used to remove valve at reservoir

Removal of a large valve at a reservoir using the PowerGrit Utility Saw

EA Grey Ltd, a family owned civil engineering company near St Austell, had to remove a large valve as part of a refurbishment contract on a small reservoir which had been in situ for over 45 years. Even though the bolts and nuts had been burnt off the flanges, the valve was stuck solidly in place due to corrosion. The operatives on site could not free the valve using the excavator, this was due to plastic pipe not far from the valve and it was feared aggressively trying to remove the valve would split the pipe. A petrol cut off saw could not be used in the confined space because of the danger from kickback and exhaust fumes. Without the PowerGrit Saw the concrete ring would have to be dismantled and the area excavated until the site was no longer classed as a confined space, then a cut off saw could be used. It is estimated this would have taken a gang and extra 5 days to complete.

Once the flange bolts had been removed, the hydraulic ICS 890F4 PowerGrit Saw was used freehand to plunge cut through the valve creating a 6mm wide slot. This freed the valve up and it was easily lifted free of the excavation. The 2 valves that needed replacing in excavations were 40 meters apart, the first cut took 10 minutes and the second 20 minutes as it was necessary to cut the valve at a wider point. The saw would usually be mounted on the Pipe Clamp (4-12” pipe capacity), due to the shape of the valve the clamp could not be used but it is perfectly safe to use the saw freehand.

The ICS PowerGrit Saw enables the operator to cut from one side or above which is hugely beneficial in a confined space. PowerGrit is a safe, fast and easy way to cut cast, D.I. and AC pipe.



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