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Cutting sewer pipe with ICS 880F4 diamond saw

As part of the project to increase the capacity of the sewer system in Radstock’s town centre, new, larger diameter pipes were laid around the existing 550mm sewer pipe. It was essential that there was no interruption to the flow of the existing system.

To ensure this, a new culvert was constructed at the intersection of the new and existing sewer pipes. The problem was removing a section of the existing sewer to combine the two, as there was restricted space a disc cutter could not be used.

The advantage of using an ICS Chainsaw in this application, is the excellent depth of cut that the ICS 880F4 hydraulic saw provides. This enabled us to cut the pipe off flush to the concrete wall of the culvert.

A 38cm long bar and chain was used to plunge cut down from above using the wall as a guide. In normal circumstances, we would have then followed with a 50 cm or 63cm bar and chain, which would have cut more of the pipe through flush. But in this instance, the pipe was cut and removed in sections this was to allow the operator to gain more experience using the shorter length bar. The edges of the pipe were then finished with a final cut and a good finish was achieved without the need for making good.

The cutting aspect of the job took about an hour. Had we used a longer bar and Chain we estimate a cutting time of about 1/2 an hour. Steve Morgan (site agent) was amazed by the speed and neatness of cut and commented that "the job would have taken most of the day using traditional methods" as well as "we would have needed to spend a lot of time making good to achieve the same level of finish."

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